What is the Best Type of Heater for My Home?

Electric heaters continuously gain popularity as more and more people choose to have it at home. This includes the fan heater, halogen heater, convector, and the standard white or black oil filled radiator. There are a good number of choices for heaters in the market today which is not limited to energy consumption, and choosing the best for your place depends on what you actually want to heat. To arrive with the right decision, you must first know all your options as to what types of heaters you can possibly acquire and the common features that come with it.

Different Types of Heaters

Convection Heaters – Ideal for heating enclosed spaces which are at a low fire risk hazard and made to operate silently. The air typically passes through the elements of this type of heater, then circulated back into the surroundings to warm it up.

Fan Heaters – Primarily used for quick heating of enclosed spaces, providing instant heat and warmth and can be directed at a particular area. Small units are usually lightweight and can be placed under desks for warming toes delightfully fast. However, it must not be left near curtains or furnishings since this poses a higher risk for ignition.

Electric Fires or Radiant Heaters – Can warm people or objects fast, which is quite good on warming the hands and feet, but is also a fire hazard. Its heating ability is faster than air itself, which makes it best for rooms with high ceilings, drafty or poorly insulated.

Oil Filled Radiators – Can take longer to heat up a room, but is better at keeping you warm with heat dispersed at all sides and throughout the area. It exhibits quiet performance and gives off long-lasting heat even when the heater has been powered off. A popular solution for many people, especially with its safety and maintenance-free features.

Convector Radiators – Not really designed to be pushed around when moved due to its irregular shape, but are failry lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. Some models are built with a fan while some can be mounted on walls.

Common Features

Thermostat – Allows the heater’s temperature output to be set such that you achieve the ideal level of warmth that is pleasing to your senses, in both mind and body! This optimizes the use of your heater and minimizes the use of electricity as necessary.

Tilt Cut Off – A safety standard on almost all heaters which is essential for halogen and fan heaters. The unit is built to automatically turn off even when knocked over which reduces the risk of fires such as a carpet igniting when it is left on the ground.

Heat Settings – Grants you full control over your heater to produce the right room temperature and minimize the cost of heating or running the unit. For example, a 1500-watt black oil filled radiator may have 3 distinct settings wherein setting one yields 500 watts, setting 2 works at 1000 watts and setting 3 at 1.5kw.

As its name implies, an oil filled radiator is designed to be permanently filled with thermal oil and radiate heat during operation. This queer oil surprisingly does not burn nor deplete, so there’s nothing to replace or refill in the unit. You can simply turn it on and let it do its job, which it executes really well.

The Best Type of Heater

There are low to high wattage options which are suitable for small to big spaces, respectively or as you deem necessary. Its exceptional quality is being able to maximize radiant heat flow while maintaining low temperatures on its surface, meaning less consumption of energy which makes it economical and eco-friendly. This type of heater is completely sealed, promoting safety of everyone within the home or workplace. It arrives in various colors such as the standard contemporary, elegant and sophisticated white, and the solid brilliant black oil filled radiator. Some are lined with hints of red, silver, pink, and other attractive colors.

The Brilliance of Black

Do you what’s more interesting than seeing your new energy utility bill pleasantly dropping down to your delight? A black oil filled radiator. Black surfaces absorb radiant energy hence it gives off more radiant energy, so not only is black heater a stylish addition to any home, but serves more than that, especially in keeping you warm and cozy as you can be!

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