Oil Free Heaters vs Oil Heaters – Making the Right Choice

Warm Oils HeatersThe various heating solutions offered in today’s market are in the form of convection types, halogen, fan heaters, radiant or electric fires, ceramic heaters, and radiators. It sure sounds like you’ve got overwhelming options, and among them there is always a better choice which would downright be the best heater for you!

Oil Free Heaters vs Oil Heaters

The most popular electric heaters fall under the radiator type, whether the oil heater or oil-free kind, for eliciting qualities that are highly beneficial to its user. These heating systems have been created to make life easier and as comfortable as one can get, and it doesn’t matter if its purpose would be to warm up the home or office or any other room. It can dramatically transform any space from freezing cold to a sublime cosy and amiable space by performing at its utmost effectiveness, portability, observing safety and security, and yielding long-term energy saving features.

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Given all these great attributes of both radiators, it is essential to know how each unit is distinctive as a heating system. This will help you gauge which will work in accordance to your standards and meet your expectations. For a better understanding of the two, here’s a side by side comparison of the oil free heater and oil heater in all facets.

Understanding Main Processes

How Do Oil Heaters Work?

The oil heater, also called the column type, oil-filled radiator, or oil filled heater, is built with the heating element designated at its base. This part holds the oil, acting as a reservoir and eventually utilising convection when oil flows through its cavities. The heated oil circulates within coils and conducts itself into the walls then radiates into surrounding air from all sides of the unit. This process is highly favorable compared to a convection heater which heats up air space directly, a fan heater that uses a blower, or a radiant heater that heats solid objects nearby.

How Do Oil Free Heaters Work?

As its name implies, this type of heater ascertains that oil is not present within the unit. Though it is common that different heaters would typically produce the same warmth based on its power source or wattage that determines the heat output, research and tests show that an oil free heater produces more heat a lot faster than a standard oil filled radiator. This has been conducted considering both units are equipped with the same heat output or power. This kind of radiator works just like how oil heaters work, following the way heat disperses in the room environment, only without oil. Come to think of it, this makes the oil free heater safer than the already safe oil filled type! It eliminates even the slightest possibility of the oil leaking and you worrying about it.

Understanding Technologies

Oil Filled Technology

The oil contained within the heater is of a special type, one that fascinatingly never burns, does not have to be changed nor refilled, and will not deplete. Hence, delivering you with a maintenance-free unit and peace of mind without the risks associated with flames and hazardous fumes. Good models do not pose as a nuisance without the oily smell. Most importantly, you feel pleasing warmth for a longer duration even when you’ve already turned the unit off, which contributes to its energy-efficiency.

The thermostat puts you in control by letting you customise your heater settings, which brings electricity bills down a fraction of the cost in contrast to tremendous heating systems! An oil filled heater also does not require installation at all, it’s like any other modern appliance which basically just has to be plugged for use. It is deemed a bit slow to warm up a room, but not in a way that will get you impatient since it is still relatively fast and you will be satisfied once you feel the cosy warmth it gives off. Heat is retained longer compared to the oil free type, since the oil reservoir is kept intact within the radiator and continues to emit heat without having to consume more energy.

Oil Free Technology

As shown in the process of how heat is traversed into the air by the oil filled heater, the right balance of radiant and convected heat is likewise exhibited by the oil free heater. This can be felt by everyone in the room with the desirable evenness in temperature, in a very quick amount of time upon turning it on. It entails you with less operating hours and less energy consumption since it rapidly heats up a room and retains heat even when already turned off. Tests reveal that it can be 30% more effective than traditional heaters.

The oil-free technology is safe for the environment since it makes use of an eco-friendly recyclable material. Recycling and disposing in the future won’t pose any problem on your part, once its long useful life as an efficient and effective heater has come to an end. Don’t worry, this is just good to know since it will definitely not be coming so soon! Oil free heaters do not make annoying sounds and do not emit weird or funny smells.

Summary: Oil Free Heaters vs Oil Heaters

Oil Free Heaters

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-Environment-friendly components

-Utilises oil free technology

-Fast warm up

-Comfortable warmth with just the right heat

-Quiet operation

-Robust modern design

-Portable and easy to maneuver

-Selected models possess ECC or Electronic Climate Control for both energy and cost efficiency

-Most models are lighter and easier to move around than oil filled radiators

Oil Filled Heaters

-Near silent running quality

-Produces comfortable heat at the ideal warmth

-Retains heat longer after use

-Contemporary design

-Most heaters are built lightweight, and with castors for easy maneuverability

-Selected models can be mounted on the wall

-Reliable and economical heat source

-Arrives in different sizes and styles, from compact and mini to larger systems

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The two aforementioned types of heater initially appear the same, with their main features, overall build, and functions similar in many ways. All except for the main processes involved as well as technologies used, and designs they arrive in such as column or panel, brilliant black or elegant white, small or large sizes and more variations. The most important consideration is their efficiency, energy savings, and the cost of the heater itself, which would depend on how much power you need, which then again depends on what room you plan to heat up. Whichever you choose, oil free or not, you will be worry-free and carefree by making the smart choice and wise decision of picking the right heater in the Oil Free Heaters vs Oil Heaters debate!

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