Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator Review

Kingavon Slimline

Kingavon BB-OR110 7 Fin Slimline Oil Filled RadiatorAn oil filled radiator is very similar to the old-fashioned radiator except for its generally smaller size, topped with today’s innovations such as being mobile for easy re-positioning, connectivity with merely an ordinary wall plug, and a contemporary look in the form of a modern electric heater. The Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline Oil Filled Radiator ranks among the finest heating systems you can easily acquire and quickly use as soon as you get it! Here are all the stellar features and benefits you will receive and enjoy for countless cold seasons and many long years if you pick this black beauty:

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A Pinnacle of Efficiency

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The highest energy efficiency is achieved with the way an oil filled radiator works, primarily from electricity channeling through the power source, which would be a powerful 1500 watts with the Kingavon BB-OR110 that transforms energy into substantial heat. This heat is then absorbed by the diathermic oil or heat reservoir enclosed in the body of the heater, which never runs dry and never needs maintenance! Once the oil warms up, it will circulate throughout the fins and columns and traverses onto metal parts to create an even surface temperature. Finally, heat is radiated into the room with its full potential heat output to be dispersed evenly into your room.

The whole process definitely delivers full performance of the radiator as a highly effective heating system. The high heat capacity of this specialized oil allows the heater to continue radiating heat even when electricity is no longer present, so you can turn it off hours earlier than you would on other types of heaters. The cumulative time and energy savings equates to a very promising big savings in heating expenses! Almost all energy is converted into heat wherein there’s no unnecessary waste of resources. The three heat settings of the Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline grant you the ability to customize your desired room temperature which lessens energy consumption, yet you still get optimal warmth with the stimulated air flow passing through its 7 fins.

Safety Guaranteed

You, your family, and everyone else’s utmost safety is ensured in the home or workplace by this 1.5 kW oil filled radiator. The adjustable thermostat works by allowing your unit to automatically cycle on and off, thereby eliminating the risk of overheating. Stable mounted on wheels prevent tipping and the hazards it can bring about. Though this is a powerful heater that impressively seems to blast of heat in a very short amount of time, you will be delighted with its quiet operation since it does not possess an annoying fan. It peacefully and safely runs for as long as you wish to be cozy, without emitting flames nor fumes since the oil is not actually burned and used as a fuel. This is a highly favorable factor for those who know just how the noise and smell of a heater can just drive you mad!

Portable and Adorable

You have the luxury to have your compact heater placed in any area you wish to warm up, with the elegant black appearance of the Kingavon BB-OR110 adding instant value to your home or office space. Its sleek and stylish look is matched with a surprisingly light 6kg weight, which almost doesn’t matter since you’ve got the carry handle and wheels to get it rolling from room to room as you please. These castors may be small, but built sturdy and durable, as well as promote smooth maneuverability with great ease. The cord and plug storage means no fussy wires to deal with, especially during transport and storage while producing neatness in its overall appearance when in use.

Is This The Right Heater for Me?

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Kingavon is a renowned supplier of high quality lighting, security products, and safe electrical products for use in the household, such as this reliable black oil filled radiator model that works best for medium to bigger-sized rooms. the Kingavon BB-OR110 7-Fin Slimline presents simplicity in many ways, from the fact that there’ll be no installation needed whatsoever, to switching to your desired settings with user-friendly controls, to a maintenance-free unit and an easy to clean surface. Simple means downright beautiful, with brilliant features complementing the brilliance of its black color which will not look out of place anywhere it goes, producing nonpareil satisfying radiant heat to truly savor during the coldest weather!

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