Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column Heater, 700 Watt Review

Dimplex Oil Free Baby

Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column HeaterKeeping warm means staying happy, comfortable, and being on top of your priorities during cold days. It can be quite a challenge with the inevitable rise of heating expenses and overwhelming options between tons of shapes, sizes and brands of heaters available today

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The first thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive, but is a matter of discovering which is most appropriate for your needs and can help keep you, your family, and your budget intact. A good radiator can last for years while constantly executing superior heating, even the smallest and most compact types that are surely more affordable than other heating systems. There are a number of things that make the Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column Heater, 700 Watt an excellent heating system, primarily for being small but great in many fascinating ways!

Small Heater, But Huge in Efficiency

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Tests carried out on the 2kW version reveal that the oil-free type produces more heat significantly faster than a standard oil filled radiator that holds the same heat output or power. The 700 Watt version is definitely more energy efficient given its little requirement for power source, yet sufficient enough for small rooms to receive ample warmth even during snowy days and freezing temperature! Not only does it cover limited spaces perfectly with a warm and even atmosphere, but can regulate air effectively within medium to modest-sized rooms with its patented fin design. It delivers a pleasant warmth and unparalleled coziness knowing at the back of your mind that nothing can go wrong! There’ll be no surprises and anxiety of a ridiculous amount of electric bills.

Small Heater, But Big in Energy Savings

Primarily, the cost of the heater itself is very good and budget savvy, allowing everybody the opportunity to own an electric heater at an affordable cost. Upon getting it, things just tend to get better and better with big energy savings you will get to keep every month! Since it warms up a room fairly quickly due to the absence of oil which can take a while to heat up, you can just turn it on whenever the weather calls for. During use, manufacturer lab tests attest to approximately 30% more effective room heat based on the average room temperature achieved in about an hour. You can switch on and off with ease, implement full control with the thermostat, and save more with heat that lasts even after it’s no longer running.

Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column Heater, Great in Overall Design

The high efficiency and energy saving qualities possessed by this electric heater are infused in a small baby column design. Have fun with the Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column Heater, 700 Watt or the Eco Chico which lets you really enjoy having a heater at home, and easily carry and bring it along as you please. Small, lightweight, portable, durable, lots of heat, cool style, no maintenance, easy to store- just great!

Small Heater, But Top-Notch in Safety Standards

The Dimplex OFRB7N has been thoroughly independently tested and passed the stringent safety Intertek standards of the BEAB
or British Electro technical Approval Board. Stability is observed with its sturdy feet, and of course, being oil-free ensures top safety. There’s no oil, so the risk of leaking is totally eliminated for worry-free usage with assurance given as well by the 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Is This The Right Heater for Me?

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If you have limited space at home or the office, or wish to bring a heater wherever you want to settle around the house, then the Dimplex Baby Column Radiator is the best decision you can come up with. The Eco Chico will keep you cozy and comfortable when operated across small to median rooms, anywhere and anytime! It’s relatively small to place where it won’t be a hindrance as it occupies just a measly area.

As part of the Dimplex Eco range of portable heaters, you can rely on the Dimplex Oil Free Baby Column Heater, 700 Watt to exhibit utmost performance right when you need it most. You receive great value for your money with its small size and low cost, but gain big long-term benefits in terms of savings, along with having the highest quality of life with the ideal warmth you long for on the coldest days!

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