Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater, 2 Kilowatt

Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column HeaterIn today’s modern times, you’ve got to be smart especially when it comes to choosing the right products to meet your needs and the Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater is just that.

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The same goes in finding the ideal heater that must be suitable for your lifestyle and can match your own standards, causing no dissatisfaction whatsoever. The best ones around make life easier, more comfortable, and enhance the overall quality of your life while caring for the environment too. The Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater stands out as a popular choice of many people with its distinctive features that are highly beneficial and favorable:

Innovative Efficient Radiator Design

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The 2-kilowatt output renders an extremely powerful oil-free column radiator for you to use, yet manages to exhibit high efficiency during its operation as it remains smooth and quiet while running. The patented fin design engineering promotes rapid heat distribution in a maintenance free system. Evenness of temperature is brought about by the perfect balance between radiant and convected heat that this type of heater has intelligently achieved.

It works in such a way a radiator does wherein heat is dispersed across all sides and regulated throughout the area, only without oil! It does the job much faster compared to a standard oil filled column radiator with a similar heat output. This quality makes the heater produce a warm environment quickly which you can delightfully feel in almost no time upon turning the unit on, no matter how cold it gets.

Easily Portable

The entirety of this type of electric heater is impressively lightweight even with a high power output, in contrast to the standard 2kW oil filled radiator. Though the Dimplex OFRC20CN Oil Free Column Thermostat Heater is already lightly built, it has wheels, easy glide castors, integral carry handles and integral cable tidy that altogether make it effortless to maneuver. Move it from room to room, home to office, and wherever you want! The column style looks sleek and thin in an excellent towering design that’s likewise easy to store just about anywhere.


Two heat settings and thermostatic control with frost settings empower you over your desired temperature, and helps protect against extensive electricity bills. Test data shows that the Dimplex OFRC20C utilizes less energy when heating a room between 15-25 degrees Celsius, and is around 30% more heat effective. The 24-hour programmable digital timer is handy and allows for more savings, allowing you to customize runtime. Better management of heater operating hours paves the way for heating the room only when necessary, which is equivocal to no unnecessary energy use and wastage. What’s more is the surrounding air is kept intact for a longer period even when your oil radiator has already been switched off, for lasting warmth to fully enjoy!

Built to be Safe

The Dimplex OFRC20C Oil Free Column Radiator is safe to use for the home or office without the risk of leaks given the absence of oil. You can break-free from maintenance worries, extra costs, and stay away from the hazard of fumes or flames. This oil-free technology is also safe for the environment given its eco-friendly recyclable material, so recycling and disposing it will not be a problem in the future. Well, you won’t have to think about this for a very long time with this highly durable product! The overheat safety cut-out feature reckons increased precaution for your utmost security.

BEAB Approved

For added peace of mind, you must know that the Dimplex OFRC20C 2kW Oil Free Column Radiator is approved by the BEAB (British Electro technical Approval Board), an independent test house that distinguishes the benchmark for safety standards.

Is This The Right Heater for Me?

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The key points to consider in the process of buying the right heater are power, safety, maintenance, efficiency, design, cost and economical aspect. Other features like a useful timer, quiet operation, and portability are also important factors. These things are essential to acquire the best oil heater to meet your specific needs, and the Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater has it all! Plus, this contemporary electric heater arrives in elegant white finish which instantly bestows class and style to your place. This is one wise investment that’s ideal for medium to larger sized rooms in residential or commercial spaces where you can never go wrong. Receive great value and exceptional warmth from this simply smart modern heater.

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