De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Review

delonghi dragon Radiator

delonghi dragon RadiatorOne of the most sought after ways of heating breezy to freezing cold rooms is the use of a highly efficient oil filled space heater, like the De’Longhi Dragon.

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Effective, economical, maintenance-free, and safe operation are the top reasons many people make the choice of getting their very own unit. The De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil filled radiator is built with the standards of the Dragon range, typically with brilliant features incorporated in a stylish modern design to enhance any room. This radiator is indeed a dragon with its humongous features and functionality that spells maximum comfort in just about every aspect, which you can discover in this in-depth review of this popular electric heater.

The Ideal Heat

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One incredible feature of the Dragon 3 is the exclusive super chimney effect from its convective quality, which functions to heat air notably faster than other traditional oil-filled radiators. This encourages quick air flow through multiple narrow chimneys that almost immediately warms an entire room. You can almost imagine its streamlined heating process with the 8 fins situated on the top surface of the unit, making it undoubtedly effective for producing satisfying room temperatures.

Superior performance is demonstrated with its capability of diffusing the right temperature in large surface areas. The comfortable mixture of radiant and convective heat renders a balanced output that traverses into the evenness of heat within your surroundings. Though a basic oil filled radiator will not warm up quickly, the De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER makes a big difference! It exceeds the standard type of radiator with its outstanding super chimney feature for fast heating action that retains long-lasting heat and saves you hours on running time.

Electronic Climate Control

ECC is today’s latest technological advancement utilized in portable heating, which is designed to automatically monitor and select the ideal power setting. This makes it smart enough to maintain your desired temperature ranging from 5 degrees Celsius frostat to 35 degrees Celsius (converter link). Constant and consistent temperature is achieved towards high energy efficiency, which leads to low energy consumption and affordable electricity bills!

Be in Total Control

Experience the robust power of this electric heater that runs on 2kW maximum heat output while you have full control over room temperature for a personalized heating system. This oil filled radiator contains 3 heat settings that are easily visible through the digital display. You can pre-set your desired time when your heater will turn on within the 24-hour timer function with override functionality. This impressive timer can keep track of two daily on-off settings that’s up to you to define.

Built-In Safety Precautions

This oil filled radiator has a smooth and safe profile in itself, with no oil-changing needed and no internal burning processes. The wheels are durable and evidently show stability, whereby the sturdy base reduces the likelihood of the unit tipping over. The overheat safety cut-out provides unbeatable security during use, preventing potential damage to both your unit and your flooring, furniture, and entire place. The thermostat of the De’Longhi Dragon 3 is built with a frost guard setting that sure does its job of resisting frosting.

Ease of Use and Highly Portable

The power selector can be quickly seen with indicator lights. The castors are pre-assembled which presents ease of use right from acquiring your new heater, without any assembly requirements nor installation involved with an electric heater. You may think that given its strong capacity and heat output that it can be bulky and heavy, but storing won’t be any problem at all. The power cord storage delivers a nice and neat appearance, and together with the carry handles and fitted castors, transporting is made quite easy and very convenient as if you are taking a stroll with your heater effortlessly tagging along!

Is This The Right Heater for Me?

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The high radiant heat output sourced from 2kW power of this heater yields the ideal warmth. Anyone who gets to own this type of heater is granted full control over almost anything, from placement of the oil filled radiator itself in any area of any room, changing heat settings as you require, to limiting energy consumption that makes it a good investment. The highly beneficial smart ECC characteristic and a myriad of innovative features make every penny you spend worth it. The best part is, picking the De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER comes with a very assuring guarantee that counts not 1, not 3, nor 5 years, but an astounding 10 long years for your utmost peace of mind!

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