Best Oil Free Radiator Review and Guide

I am really surprised at the level of interest in the “Oil Free Radiator“. I have spoken about Oil Free V Oil Filled over here and due to the amount of sales I am seeing of Oil free I thought it was about time I looked into these radiators. I will keep adding to this review with a little more depth, to help in your buying decision.

Below is a short video from Dimplex, which explains a little more about oil free technology. The basic fact is they heat rooms faster and are lighter and more portable than there oilly counterparts. (BTW I am nothing to do with Dimplex)


Choosing the best heating option is a tough call.  I know you need to make your pounds stretch a little further so I have researched the most popular models.  I have brought you a subjective review of the better models I out there. The best indicator is the amount of sales I see, without any promotion nor mention before this article was written, just pure buyer intent!

Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator with Electronic Climate Control

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Oil Free RadiatorThis oil free radiator from Dimplex uses oil-free technology.  It has an incorporated digital timer for easier use – no need to purchase a third-party control devices at extra cost. Add to this the facts it heats more quickly, its cheaper to run than oil filled radiators and is much lighter the benefits literally stack up in favor of this device.

The Cadiz Eco 3 KW gives you total control. It employs a back lit LCD  easy programmable 24-hour timer and 1-degree temperature adjustments as well as heat direction technology. There is also a remote control device, so you can adjust the comfort of your room from the luxury of your arm chair.

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Duronic HV220 Slimline Black Mica Panel 2.0KW Radiant Convector Heater with thermostat

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Here is a really interesting design, black and mesh, making for a lovely looking oil free radiator. Well built and resting on casters for portability, Duronic pulled out all the stops with duronic slimline oil free Radthis device. It heats quickly – I quote “in one minute” and they offer a 2 year warranty within the purchase price. This product receives high reviews all over the internet and gets an amazing star rating.

This device weighs less than an oil filled heater and is faster to warm and easier to move around your home. Duronic design this radiator with cool touch plastic handles to allow you to re-position it while in use if required. There is a tip over and over heat fail safe system for added piece of mind when using this heater in your house. The radiator is also small and convient to store.

The heating element is a mica panel, and being made of mica it allows for a very thin heater element when compared to more traditional technologies, hence the weight saving.

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